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Benefits of Refinishing and Resurfacing your Bathtub

Benefits of Refinishing and Resurfacing

Preserving the sparkle and luster of a bathtub can be challenging. Many times the traditional methods and tools used to clean a bathtub don’t create the desired results. Various corrosive and destructive elements can harm the bathtub and periodic resurfacing is required to make it suitable for use. Resurfacing is the process of converting an old and worn out tub using effective materials and tools to make it look new. The following are some of the benefits of resurfacing bathtubs:

Cost effective

Bathtub resurfacing is cost effective and the new finish can last up to ten years. Depending on the size and type of bathtub, the cost for resurfacing a bathtub can range (speak with a professional about pricing). Bathtub resurfacing has proven to be an affordable solution to update a bathroom. It can save one from the high costs of frequent repairs and improvements.

Saves time

Bathroom resurfacing can refurbish the look of a bathtub and tiles in as little as 48 hours. When compared to renovating a bathroom which can take a few weeks, resurfacing saves a lot of time. It helps to enhance the ambiance of the whole bathroom.

Ensures durability of the bathtub

The use of modern materials and tools ensures durability of the bathtub. It also enhances the quality and texture of the bathtub. The end product of a resurfaced bathtub is often of higher quality than anything you can purchase in a store.

Get in Touch with Perma Ceram of Westchester to Resurface your Bathtub

If you want your bathtub to look new again, get in touch withPerma Ceram of Westchester. We are a bathroom and tile resurfacing company providing professional and reliable refinishing services. You can call us at 914-930-4964/888-797-8108 or email us at info@permaceramwestchester.com.

Reasons Why Bathtub Reglazing is Superior to Replacement

A beautiful and inviting bathroom is necessary in your home to feel happy. If the tile in the bathroom is outdated and the bathtub is chipped, it will ruin the ambiance. Perma Ceram offers professional bathroom resurfacing services that can easily restore the look of your bathtub. If your bathtub has an unpleasant appearance consider the following reasons why you should have it reglazed:

  • If you have a structurally sound bathtub, there is no point to have someone come in, demolish it, haul it out of the bathroom and possibly have to repair or replace some of the flooring and pipes. If your bathtub has some abrasions, then tub resurfacing with different glazes may be the best option for you. There are a variety of glazes available, so you can make an exciting change with much comfort and ease.
  • If you have a well-crafted bathtub, but it is just outdated or in need of a touch-up, it does not make any sense to throw it out and get a new, lower quality product. So the original craftsmanship remains choose to have the tub professionally reglazed.
  • If you choose to replace the bathtub, you will have to vacate your bathroom for a few days. As well as move all your bathroom appliances to another location. However, if you choose to get your bathtub reglazed, you will still be able to use the bathroom, with the exception of the tub.

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