How to Clean Dirty Bathroom Tile Grout Lines

It is important to clean bathroom grout lines regularly. This is because prolonged dirtiness can lead to stains. Keeping grout lines clean can help you maintain the life of your tiles, and appearance of the bathroom. Cleaning grout lines is tedious, but the following tips will help you clean your grout lines with less hassle.

For mildly dirty grout lines: For mildly dirty grout lines, spray warm water on the grout lines. Scrub the dirty grout in a circular manner and rinse with water. Allow it to dry.

For moderately dirty grout: For moderately dirty grout lines, use a solution of half warm water and cleanser that is safe to use on acrylic surfaces. Spray this solution on the grout and let it sit for five minutes. Start scrubbing the grout in a circular manner.

Another method for cleaning moderately dirty grout is to use a paste of baking soda and water. Pack the paste into the dirty grout lines. Spray with water, and then scrub the grout with a brush in a circular manner.

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