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Ceramic Tile Refinishing – Best Solution for Hard to Clean Tiles

With frequent use, your ceramic tile may become dirty and dull. Replacing the tile is an option, but tile refinishing is an inexpensive alternative.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Ceramic tile refinishing involves the use of specialized equipment, primers, bonding agents, top coats and clear finishes. Tile refinishing makes your old tile look new again.
1. Masking: The surrounding area is masked to protect from overspray. Exhaust fans are used to expel unpleasant fumes caused by the process.
2. Surface cleaning: The tile surface is cleaned to remove dirt and grease.
3. Applying bonding agent: In order to apply the new finish, a bonding agent is applied to the old tile. When the tile is prepared, the new finish is applied.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing in Westchester

Tile refinishing is less expensive than buying new tile. Refinishing can be done by an experienced ceramic tile refinishing contractor. Perma Ceram, a ceramic tile refinishing company in Westchester, has experience with tile repairs. For any queries, contact them at (888) 797-8108.