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How to Fix a Chip in a Fiberglass Bathtub

Fiberglass bathtubs are durable, but sometimes get chipped and damaged. Even a small chip in your bathtub can look ugly and feel uncomfortable.

Steps to Fix a Chip in a Fiberglass Bathtub

  • Clean the chipped area: Clean the chipped area with soap and water. Let the area dry.
  • Mask: Mask the area around the chip with plastic tape.
  • Ventilate the area: Open windows to ventilate the bathroom.
  • Prepare the epoxy mixture: Add thickener to the epoxy and stir it.
  • Chip repair: Apply the epoxy mixture to the chipped area with a paintbrush. Allow the epoxy to dry for five hours or more.
  • Smooth the surface: Once the epoxy is dry, smooth the surface with sandpaper.
  • The bathtub is ready for use after 24-hours.

Fiberglass chip repair is a do-it-yourself job, but hiring a professional ensures a durable job.

Fiberglass Repair in Westchester

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Give Your Bathtub a New Lease on Life

Would you like to make your bathtub look brand new? Refinishing your bathtub can make it look brand new, and save you from buying and installing a new bathtub.

Bathtub refinishing steps

  1. Mask: Mask the area around the bathtub that will not be refinished.
  2. Base coat: To apply the base coat, wear a respirator and make sure the area is ventilated. Mix the base coat and apply to the bathtub using a spray gun. Let the base coat dry for 30 minutes.
  3. Top coat: Mix the paint and apply the top coat using a spray gun. Wait 48-72 hours and let it dry. Remove the mask around the bathtub and it is ready to use.

Bathtub refinishing is not easy. The process involves toxic chemicals, and it is not easy to get good results. Hire a professional bathtub refinishing service to do the job perfectly and safely.

Bathtub repair and refinishing professionals in New York

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What is Bathtub Refinishing?

A bathtub may eventually get scratched or damaged, and become hard to clean. Bathtub refinishing is an inexpensive process which restores the original look of a bathtub.

The refinishing process is as follows:

1. Site set up: The dirt from refinishing may spread to other areas of the bathroom. Cover the area surrounding the bathtub with a plastic sheet.

2. Remove old finish: Before applying a new finish, the existing finish is removed and sanded down to smooth the surface.

3. Remove imperfections: After removing the old finish, the bathtub may have cracks and rust. Repair these imperfections before applying a new finish.

4. Refinish: Apply primer to the surface and allow it to dry. Apply multiple layers of refinishing, and allow drying time between the layers. Finally, apply the sealing coat.

Bathtub Refinishing in Westchester, NY

A good bathtub refinishing job can last for up 10 years. Hire an experienced and skilled professional to get the job done. Contact Perma Ceram for refinishing services in Westchester. Call (888) 797-8108.