Bathtub Refinishing and Tile Repair Services in Westchester, NY

PermaCeram, a bathtub and tile refinishing company in Westchester, NY provides tile and bathtub refinishing services. We are licensed and insured. We can repair and resurface most bathroom surfaces, including bathtubs, basins, shower bases, and wall tiles.

What is Bathtub Refinishing/Reglazing?

Bathtub refinishing is a process where we apply a coating of material over the existing bathtub. Bathtub refinishing can save you money, as refinishing can be completed the same day. The new finish is durable, easy to clean, and can be applied in any color.

We can work with your existing tub for refinishing and save you hundreds of dollars. We can apply this process to bathtubs, tiles, sinks and in some cases floors as well.

What is Tile Re-Grouting?

Re-grouting is removing the old grout between the tiles and tub, and replacing it with new grout. Re-grouting is a simple process. We provide re-grouting services at affordable rates. We can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs, and give your bathroom a new look.

Bathtub Refinishing in Westchester, NY

PermaCeram, a tile and bathtub refinishing contractor in Westchester, NY has been refinishing surfaces for over 30 years. We make your bathroom look new without major construction. We guarantee our work for up to five years. If you want to refinish your bathtub, then call (914) 930-4964 / (888) 797-8108 for a consultation with professionals at PermaCeram.


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